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I am on a mission to build an online community of authentic, powerful communicators.

But I need your help to do it.

I want you to join my growing tribe of speakers, who have their hearts set on making a difference in their field. 

I want you to join an exclusive club of leaders, who are passionate about creating human connection

I want you to join us in owning your power, speaking your truth and sharing inspiring ideas.

Every month the Authentic Speakers Members engage in online challenges to expand their reach and master their communication skills. 

They attend monthly live Q&A calls to address burning questions and get feedback on their projects. 

PLUS they have access to exclusive resources and trainings that aren't available to my clients anywhere else. 

Going it alone, even with the best trainings, can be challenging. 

Life is distracting. 

Self discipline flags. 

With no-one there to help re-motivate you or to clear up any confusions, even the brightest, most determined people can give up.

I don't want that for you.

I am committed to helping you get the absolute most that you can out of each and every training.

And that is what is so special about the Authentic Speakers Online Training Portal. Not only is the community there to support you, but I'll be there too.

What can you expect as a member of the
Authentic Speakers Online Training Portal?

  • Access to all Live Online Practice Labs
  • ​Monthly Q&A calls with Danielle, where you can pick her brain about anything you'd like
  • ​Monthly online challenges to improve your online and in-person communication skills
  • ​Access to exclusive trainings, resources and members-only content
  • ​Unlock one premium course every two months (at a value upwards of $1,000) including Camera Confidence, Unleash Your Voice, Prep for Success and others
  • ​A private community to share and test ideas, get feedback, support each other, and ask Danielle for advice

Online Practice Labs

Do you want (or need) to practice a speech, recite a poem, or work on that important presentation, but you find yourself practising into a void? Your pets won’t sit still, your mother doesn’t have any useful feedback, and your potted plants just stare? Look no further!

Inspired Coaching Practice Labs are a cross between drop-in private coaching & what you'd encounter in your local cafe or pub open mic. It's a structured, safe space to rehearse in front of a supportive audience, where you benefit from expert feedback tailored to your goals and your unique style. This is a space to be selfish. Bring anything you're working on: a speech, a song, an idea you need help with, or if you simply want to learn to stand in front of people (or a camera) and not die.
As a member you get personal access to Danielle Benzon, your authentic charisma and speaking coach, through a private Facebook community of other Authentic Speakers and monthly Q&A calls. 

Ask all your burning questions, or just listen in to find out about what other members of the community are doing.

Every month there'll be new challenges and mini trainings. It's all about you, so if there's something you're excited to learn - let us know!

Training Library

Every two months, unlock a premium training - starting day one, even if you're on a free trial.

Prep for Success 
Course Creation

A four module course for home practice. Cut preparation time in half and feel way more confident in your delivery by using this efficient system that will create a professional, polished talk without memorizing anything or even writing the whole thing down!

Camera Confidence

Step by step videos to get you truly comfortable in front of a camera. No more stammering and stuttering. No more feeling like the cardboard-cut-out version of yourself. It's time to make friends with the lens so that you are your best every time. We'll cover all the basics of DIY video so that you know what you need (and don't need) to look and sound like a professional, even if you're filming in your basement.

Unleash Your Voice

Conquer Stage Fright and turn it into Stage Joy! Use the seven elements of charisma to measure your strengths and areas for improvement. Learn what habits are holding you back from embodying your message and create new habits that facilitate confident, engaging, and authentic human connection. 

Live Group Coaching 

Each of the online evergreen courses has a live online component that comes around every few months. As a member of the Authentic Speakers Community, you get full access to all the support offered for each course. Learn alongside others that are going on the same journey, share your assignments, celebrations, get feedback and encouragement from the group and your course instructors.



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